Destination Turkey

A Uniquely varied and beautiful country, Turkey spans the continents of Europe and Asia. Shape like a peninsula, the Asian landmass of Turkey is surrounded by the Black, Sea Agean and Mediterranean Seas.

Turkey is known as the most historically rich country in the world, the homeland of 14 distinct civilizations distributed richly on 4 main epochs of the ancient world. These cultures began from the palaeolithic period and continue through Hittiteans, Urarteans, Phrygian, Lydians, Ionians, early Christians, Byzantines, Seljuks and Ottomans.

No other country display the abundance of its 12 thousand years of history with such dignity and hospitality, The cities of  Troy, Ephesus, Miletus, Hattusas, gordian, The House of the Virgin Mary, Antioch and Mt Ağrı ( Ararat ) the place that  Noah's Ark in Çatalhöyük, the oldest Neolithic settlement in Turkey, we encounter the oldest known city in the world dating back to 7000 BC.

Along with Turkey's wonderous Aegean and Mediterranean coast beast the hearth of classical culture. Here You will marvel at the wonders of the countryside once described by Homer Herodotus, and Strabo. Additionally, as a result of the cultural matrix of 12.000 years of history, Turkey is the homeland of unique examples of the world's artistry. With more history are archaeology, art history, architecture, hospitality and kaleidoscope of cultures than you could have ever possibly imagined. Turkey has been fascinating the world's travellers since 8.000 BC